February 23, 2012

Couture Fashion Week New York: Janina Stankiene for Janerations (USA)

This is the second time I see a luxury and couture knitted collection by Janina Stankiene for her Janerations label. Last September she wowed me with her knits from her Spring 2012 Collection.

While personally I find knits a rather difficult material to work with - [seriously, how much of a knit variation one can come up, right?] - it seems as if every time I see a collection by Stankiene, she pulls the creativity out of pretty much nothing, meaning - out of almost nothing, she makes something. And this something is pretty incredible. Her knitted collection, actually, makes me wanting winter...

She also finds very creative ways to design the accessories that so well complement her knitted overalls. Every time I see the footwear, gloves and bags she comes up with, I applaud her for her 'knitted' vision.

My adoration for the knits also comes from the fact that I was born and raised in Russia, which, as most people know, has a pretty harsh winter times, as well as cold autumns and springs, so anything that is creatively designed in fur - [aka faux fur] - leather and knits, fascinates me. I'm drawn to it. I've always noticed pieces in any collection that were either wool sweaters and/or coats. Even now, some years after, I still can forget Stella McCartney's very first bulky sweater - her zip-up cardigan ($1,635) that I absolutely love. Besides, for a person who is always cold, like myself, anything knitted, wool, warm - is important.

Janerations' unique designs have captured a loyal following among sophisticated knit couture luxury fashion lovers. Janerations uses the finest quality materials including yarn, fur, beads, buttons, and lace to create one-of-a-kind knit couture designs certain to become a must-have for any fashionista's wardrobe. Janerations luxury knit designs are made in the USA, and they pride themselves with it.

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