February 27, 2012

Couture Fashion Week New York: Laurel DeWitt for LaureLuxe label (USA)

This latest metal couture creations from a New York-based designer Laurel DeWitt for her LaureLuxe label were truly a piece of art.

I could tell that DeWitt had something to do with New York City as I watched her runway show, because the black color is a predominant color in her Fall 2012 Collection. Turned out to be that - she is, as a matter of fact, a native New Yorker - [black color, as I've mentioned it many times before in my blog, is very much liked among the New Yorkers; It's an 'ultimate' do-it-all color, if you know what I mean...]

DeWitt's collection can be described as fantastically bold. To her, metal knows no limits, and as you will see from the photos - she really pushes the boundaries of where and how the metal can be applied to an outfit, from top to toe...

Created from recycled aluminum geometric shaped plating, the designs are complimented by silhouettes made of gold or silver aluminum chain, whether wrapped or draped, to define every curve. 

Her collection is among my favorites as well, because I'm more of a black-metal gal than a gown 'fair-tale princess' gal - [the last time I wore a gown was to my Winter Formal - Prom at my high school...]

DeWitt is very good at what she does. Her distinctive jewelry and accessories creations strike a harmonious balance between the two. She has served as a handbag and accessories designer for Guess, Michael Kors, Calvin Klein, Nine West, Anne Klein, Oscar De La Renta Intimate Apparel, FILA and Rocawear. Her fashion bags can be found at major retailers such as Nordstrom’s, Target, Forever 21 and Wal-Mart. 

And while many of the people who attended the Couture Fashion Week New York for the first time this season might think the participating designers are rather unknown - if at all - in the U.S. - they are wrong.

LaureLuxe designs, for example, are worn by a diverse array of celebrities and personalities including actress Milla Jovovich, supermodel Sessilee Lopez, pop mega-star Lady Gaga, Grammy Award winning singer/songwriter Cyndi Lauper, rapping sensation Nicki Minaj, and Kelly Rowland of multi-platinum recording group "Destiny's Child". 

The buzz created from fashionistas and celebrity stylists alike has charged this innovative and unique look and has inspired the LaureLuxe brand. Edgy and unique, LaureLuxe Metal Couture and Jewelry puts a new spin on combining eco friendliness and fashion. It is for the trendsetter trying to deliver a message with their touch on fashion; anyone can wear LaureLuxe... it’s all about daring to be different

As you can tell from the photos, every piece is meticulously handcrafted and customized to fit one individually. So, if you live in New York and/or are planning to visit the city, take a trip around the streets of Brooklyn, the urban art scene of which served as the inspiration for every single piece in the LaurelLuxe collections. Her Fall 2012 Collection's earrings, for example, each one of the earrings is named after a different street in Brooklyn. 

For more catwalk videos, click here.



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