February 28, 2012

Couture Fashion Week New York: Luis Machicao (Peru)

Designer Luis Machicao was the only designer in the Couture Fashion Week New York who brought 'rock-n-roll' to the fashion week. His latest collection was a true joy to watch, because it was so damn colorful and fun - I absolutely loved his Fall 2012 Collection!

Luis Machicao grew up with one thing on his mind: fashion. He actively began pursuing his career in his native Peru where he studied fashion design and sociology. He believes that fashion is a social manifestation of the human being. 

Machicao is no stranger to the couture,  neither he's a stranger to the international endeavors. From Peru, he went on to work in Paris where his distinctive fashion style of dressing both men and women from head to toe in good taste matured. After returning to Peru, he worked as a costume designer for popular soap operas and theatrical productions, and as a fashion designer for that country's First Lady. He was soon showing his own designs on the runway, and since settling in the USA, has presented his collections in cities such as Houston, Austin, San Francisco, Miami, Charlotte and New York. 

There's a bit of Hollywood in his designs as well. At some point he worked as a costume designer in U.S. film industry.

His style is very distinctive. It's both classic and avant-garde. His designs both masculine and feminine at the same time. It's very modern, but with a touch of 'old classics' as you can see from how he put together a 'heavy metal' Mohawks and a long fitted skirt and classic black pumps. I can definitely see the likes of Cyndi Lauper and Deborah Harry wearing his designs. 

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