February 20, 2012

Feeling, longing and envisioning

A while ago - [about 20 years ago, to be exact] - I've noticed that the commercials shown abroad are neither the same as the ones shown (by the same brand) in USA nor they are as creative and sexy - [and on the border of 'pushing the envelop'] - as the ones shown to the Americans. There's just a lot lost over the ocean... 

To tell you the truth, I'm pretty bored with the American commercials. Hardly any commercials make me feel and/or think - and that comes from someone who wanted to work in advertising at some point. I remember how impressed I was by the works of the American founders of the ads making industry. I used to study the works of David OgilvyLeo Burnett , Ted Bates, and Doyle Dane Bernbach. The first American VW commercials were amazing. Ikea and Nike's "Just Do It" commercials were good too. And now I prefer European VW commercials - so what, if the little girl says "bollocks"? If you notice how far the American TV came in the 'cursing' allowance on TV, it's rather hypocritical not to allow the 'bollocks' commercial here...

From year to year, the commercial business in USA is ceasing to be as entertaining and engaging as it was before. It's less smart too. I know some people would disagree with me. Perhaps something falls through cracks with me since I don't watch TV as often as I did in my teens, but I do notice the billboards, TV and web commercials around me and I try to watch some of the biggest shows on TV known for showcasing the best commercials produced in the country, such as Super Bowl and Oscar's... Still, nothing has impressed me much lately. The last commercial that I liked was by Taco Bell, when they featured the chihuahua dog.


Foreign commercials, especially European ones, are still going on strong in the 'making one feel' department, because of less restrictions for sexual and 'politically-incorrect' content - and that's what makes it so appealing, so alluring. Moreover, there's always a story behind it, it's like a petite movie on its own...

Living in Germany, Russia and France before, I've been always fascinated with the local TV. I still can't go over the fact that the European MTV is not the same as in USA. I stopped watching MTV about 15 years ago when I realized there is nothing but local rap and R&B. In Germany, I used to be aware of all kinds of musicians' music - from around the world.

I wish American market was more open to the 'European' products and commercials. In fact, I wish the local TV channels just bought the commercials produced in other countries but for the products that are also sold in USA. If the local advertisers can't produce anything worthy of noticing, then they should outsource to their child-agencies in other countries and bring those cool commercials here...

There's just a certain 'oomph' about the European commercials that most Americans are not aware of. Basically, they don't know what they're missing xoxo...

Here are a few commercials for parfume that - [at least to myself] - are doing a great job making one feel, long and want that particular scent. And that's pretty much what the commercials are supposed to do xoxo...

Dahlia Noir, a fragrance from Givenchy. Mariacarla Boscono has been assigned the role to give life to this fantasized woman, mysterious and sensual. Like a mystical apparition, an imaginary and fatal flower, she embodies Dahlia Noir, the new fragrance from Givenchy. 

Kate Moss leads the new campaign for Yves Saint Laurent Perfume "Parisienne" parfume.

In this 6 minute thriller, Dior brings together the multi-award winning team of actress Marion Cotillard and director Olivier Dahan. A mysterious Lady Noire, audacious and independant, finds herself in the midst of a police investigation which takes her from the streets of Paris to the Eiffel Tower. But what is she hiding in her bag?


In the city that never sleeps, Lady Rouge leads a double life : by day she is a working woman, by night, the rhythm of the city calls out for her song. Driven by passion and mystery in a clip directed by Jonas Akerlund, her silhouette appears from the velvet red curtain. On stage, our Lady is full of passion and strength.


The Lady Dior was brought to life in a live performance at the opening of the 'Inspiration Dior' exhibition at the Pushkin Museum of Fine Arts, Moscow by the Ukranian artist Kseniya Simonova. Watch the performance, based on an original concept by John Cameron Mitchell.


This commercial I've written about before. When I first saw it on a TV in France back in 2009, I just fell in love with Paris - France all over again...Not that I was not in love with it before: For true realisation of what the natural beauty of life is - nobody is better than Sofia Coppola. Retro chic of vintage cinema makes this commercial much more than just an ad.

The marvelous seductive Eva Green ("Poison Ivy") featured on this sxy Dior "midnight Poison" perfume commercial from 2007. Ever since I saw Eva Green in The Dreamers - aside from the film being rather disturbing, I couldn't take my eyes off Eva Green, and I was happy to see her as James Bond's leading lady, which is the ONLY James Bond film that I've actually liked...That, and the fact that Daniel Craig was also in that movie...] She's no less sexy and sensual in this DIOR's commercials that didn't see the daylight in USA, obviously...


The new sensual perfume from D&G, brings a fresh adventurous Mediterranean scent.


Directed by Guy Ritchie and starring Jude Law, the new intriguing short film "A Rendez-vous" created for Dior Homme. [ I mean, guys, if this commercial wouldn't sell you the perfume, than what would?...]


And I definitely can see WHY these commercials would never ever be shown in USA, what's a pity. Really... Le Male Men Masculino by Jean Paul Gaultier.




Love Chloe 

Guerlain's Shalimar.

Diesel Fuel For LIfe Unlimited.

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