February 12, 2012

Inside Fashion Week Fall 2012: Most Wanted Shoes...

Speaking of the shoe trends for Spring/Summer and Fall 2012. There's a choice for everyone, as it appears according to some true New York fashionistas. I checked out their thoughts on what trends to look for, and here's what they've got to say...

Most Wanted Shoes, Spring/Summer/Fall 2012:

Nowhere steel cap stilettos in black
“These are super-soft and easy to walk in. Plus, they don’t come with a hefty price tag.” $96, www.nelly.com

Marni penny loafers 
“There’s always a point when I just can't torture my feet with any sort of heel.” $480, www.marni.com 

Kanye West beaded shoes   
“I always love ornamented shoes, and these are pretty cool!” Price upon request,  www.kanyewest.com  

Alexander Wang ‘Annette’ sandal 
“I love this shoe for how fresh, basic and super-simple it is. It’s not something you’d wear to show off. It’s practical and oozes confidence.” $350, www.alexanderwang.com

Alexander Wang red fur cape shoes     
“They’re the season’s inevitable stop-and-street-style-snap-me shoes … and so reminiscent of a certain Carrie Bradshaw.” $895, www.alexanderwang.com 

3.1 PhiLlip Lim transparent high-heeled sandals 
“They look like you have nothing on your foot, like the emperor’s clothes. Magic!” $625, www.31philliplim.com

Chloe leather ballet flats     
“They are a different kind of ballerinas, going high up on the foot, and the colors are really amazing. I just bought a pair of green ones. They really feel super-precious on.” $485, www.chloe.com

Givenchy pale pink leather flat sandal
“The hardest shoe to design is the simplest. I love the boldness of these shoes.” $780,www.givenchy.com

Chanel two-tone leather boots 
“Absolute showstoppers and comfortable.” $678, www.chanel.com

As a matter of fact, while we are looking at these photos and suggestions, those fashionistas are already shopping... Some of them are already wearing those. Ahhh... time to catch up.

FYI, those Nelly's metal peek shoes are all sold out ready. I'm on the UK's waiting list - [Yes, it's not even funny anymore how much I want these...]

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