February 14, 2012

Irina Shabayeva's Fall 2012 Collection: Take Me To The Ball

It's been more and then - some - of what I've expected from Irina Shabayeva's new Fall 2012 collection last night.

Shown at Eventi Kimpton's hotel in Chelsea, the set up of Shabayeva's fashion show was very intimate, very sensually 'secluded' - on one hand. On the other hand, it was everything but secluded...

The Big Screen Plaza projected Irina Shabayeva's models onto the building across the hotel, overlooking Manhattan streets of the Sixth Avenue. The models were positioned around the big room wearing Victorian gowns with a modern twist. Their hair was wrapped up in oversized accessories and hair pieces, made of feathers and flowers in very bright colors - red, blue, white, black...

Classical live music and strawberry-mint infused water kept all the restless press and photographers in the mood for some serious up-close and personal photography of the collection.

Irina told me that she wanted her Fall 2012 collection to be 'regal'. She said that she gets a lot of inspiration from the old Victorian times, and since her previous collections were very modern - [see the photos I took of her "Aviation" 2010 collection below] - she felt like she wanted to do something different...something very Victorian.

Noticing among the models some of the elements of today's age fashion trends - the jersey printed dresses, I asked her why she included those rather modern age designs with her very Victorian, very take-me-to-Natasha-Rostova-Andrei-Bolkonsky-Ball gowns, long and short veils and hair-up-dos? Shabayeva told me that jersey printed dresses is now her trademark, she includes it in all of her collections now. She said that it's something she personally finds very applicable to any age and time. That is - they do not really go out of style...

Overall, it was very nice catching up with Irina, who I've met a couple of years ago, fresh off the Project Runway's 6th Season show, where she won the fierce competition of the aspiring to be fashion designers, she talked to me about her then first-ever runway collection "Aviation" and the inspiration behind it. Seeing her new collection today I realized how much she 'grew' as a designer. Having the opportunity to come and look at each of her designs very close, I found the handwork of her gowns and accessories to be absolutely immaculate, sensual... She really put it out there as to say: "Here I am. I'm Irina Shabayeva. I can be very versatile..."

Last night at Irina Shabayeva Fall 2012 fashion show:

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