February 05, 2012

Me Like It...A Lot

Me like it...

Me like it a lot...or as Dolce & Gabbana guys would say it: "Me like me shoes a lot..." 

Get ready for the unbelievable Spring 2012 footwear from D&G: Headscarf prints virtually determine the fantastic accessory selection originating from D&G for spring/summer 2012.

Bold colors, modern details and a contemporary gypsy feel define each and every style featured in the D&G spring 2012 footwear collection. Colorful stripes, stunning flower images, polka dots, gold coin symbols and a myriad of additional eye-catching adornments change the designs in to real statement accessories which get the interest at once.

When it comes to favored shoe design, there are mainly high pitching wedges, but additionally flats - [for those of you who walk a lot as myself] - as well as platform high heels. It's all about the shoe-scarfing and me like it...a lot.

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