February 10, 2012

My Ultimate Getaway For Street Fashion

When I was leaving New York City at the end of 2005, I knew I'd be back. There's just no where in the world I'd rather live, and, believe me, I've tried. I lived in some of the best US and European metro cities: from Los Angeles, San Francisco, Portland, Washington DC to Paris and Moscow - there's absolutely no place on earth that can live up to the New York scenery.

That's why you can't really blame why there are so many people living in NY and coming to NY each year. Yes, every morning, when you try to fit in the subway cabin to take a ride to work, you wish NYC was not that crowded, but when it's a weekend, and you happen to walk around the city - [especially when it's Spring/Summer outside] - you actually do enjoy to see so much diversity and so many unique people from around the world sitting at a cafe, stylishly individually dressed, having a latte and/or a glass of Merlot... Instantly you feel a part of a big, big universe, because you are actually in the city that has it all and some.

Of course, each New Yorker has its own favorite places in the city. For some it's UES (Upper East Side), for others - it's Chelsea and Downtown/Battery Park. For me, the ultimate place of them all - [although I love all parts of Manhattan and some of Brooklyn, like Dumbo and Brooklyn Heights] - is Soho. 

There's just no other place like Soho in the city. It has it all - art (tons of art galleries, among which my favorites are AGORA GALLERY, 415 West Broadway, Phone: (212) 226-4151 and CODA GALLERY, 472 Broome Street, Phone: (212) 334-0407), one of the best shopping experiences - [again, do I have to tell you about my Uniqlo obsession again? or the fact that I keep going back to Daffy's for all the European designers' stuff, like my favorite Patrizia Pepe) or the fact that one of the best street nuts vendor is there - [did I tell you that I'm addicted to the NY street nuts, almonds is the way to go!] , or the fact that all the funky art and jewelry and knits vendors are in Soho, or the fact that it's home to one of the best independent and foreign film theaters in the city - Angelika Film Center, where each time you come to see a movie, it's sold out because it's so damn popular, or the fact that one of the best - [and my new favorite] - Chinese massage places is in Chinatown, 5 minutes away from Soho, along with the best dumplings places? 

And I'm not even mentioning the fact that Soho is the ultimate place to do street fashion photography. 


Seriously, what's not to love about Soho? [Aside from Broadway street of where all the shops are and need to be avoided during the weekends because of the crazy shopping crowds - Soho is the best...]

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