February 12, 2012

Take Me To The City, Take Me To Safari: Or Just Stay On My Feet. Forever.

The spring is almost here, which means - soon-to-be-packed and stored away winter boots are in much need to be replaced with the next sexy-thing on the shoe markets.

And not just replaced with any shoes, but with the shoes that make a statement. That is - a  big city kind of statement. These should be the ultimate shoes for both a stylish day and night out on a city.

Here's what I call statement shoes perfect for many reasons, including for the reasons appreciate a good piece of art, nature and sexiness in the details:

Please, meet Kanye West beaded shoes - [a.k.a. my new obsession...]

Believe me - of all the shoe designers out there who I adore - [and would actually wear], I would have never thought that this would come from Kanye West

Don't take me wrong, whatever he's doing in the music scene, I like, but when it comes to venturing out to fashion and starting his own label, there's always a risk factor that no matter how much of  the financial support and/or celebrity endorsement one gets - the fashion sense does not come to just anyone. You are either born with it or not. And just because one can sing opera, does not mean he/she can also paint. 

Moreover, one's got to have a very creative and individual vision to stand out in the crowd of already very respectful famous shoe fashion labels and some incredible raw talent 'in the cooking' , whose work is about to make it big. 

So, when Kanye West announced he's going into fashion, I was very skeptical. I still am, as one year of making fashion - [and being applauded for the first collection] - is not enough to make a name of a fashion designer for yourself. It takes a few years to prove that you have a creative thinking - [just as a restaurant and/or bar has a year to either break even and go on with the business or close].  One needs to prove that he/she can produce interesting clothes and accessories for the years to come. Just as with Victoria Bekham, her first show wow-ed the audience across the globe, but I'm sure the likes of Anna Wintour (America's Vogue Editor-in-Chief) and Carine Roitfield (French Vogue Editor-in-Chief) - they still waited to see what the next years would bring for Victoria Bekham...

Let's just say, I'm always skeptical of the musicians - [and actors, for that matter] - to venture into the fashion world. I'm still debating on whether I like J. Lo's, Jessica Simpson and Beyonce's fashion labels. But then, again, I'm not really their target market...I do, however, absolutely admire the work of Ashley and Mary-Kate Olsen's. I'd pretty much wear anything from their label The Row. [But then again, they are the ultimate New York fashionistas and their style is so iconically New York]. No wonder, even the New York Times declared the Olsen-twins fashion icons for pioneering and extending the "Boho-chic" or bohemian-bourgeois style - very similar to that of Bohemian chic popularized in Britain by Kate Moss and Sienna Miller. 

So, back to Kanye West. Surprisingly enough, his very 'safari', very modern Africa ankle hugging beaded shoes really make me want to go strooonger...

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