February 02, 2012

There's No Alternative, It's Just Bootylicious

Here's a thing. I'm sure many of you would understand me. 

There's always a pair of boots/shoes and/or a piece of clothing in each person's wardrobe that's just so favorite of yours that you keep wearing it and repairing it through the years. There's this favorite sweater of yours that you keep patching up, there's this favorite pair of boots that you keep sole-ing up and polishing - there's always something that you just can't make yourself to get rid of unless it completely falls apart to very little pieces that you can't put back together anymore...


My mom used to tell me that I pay more for the repairs than, let's say, a new pair of shoes/boots would cost me, so why not to buy new ones? Yes, why not? 

I guess it's because I was more like my dad. I know my dad had that old sweater that he couldn't get rid of for 20+ years until my mom put an ultimatum - her OR the sweater! Ok, I'm being a bit extreme, but basically you've got the point... 

That was the case with my boots that I bought back in 2004 in New York and which had quite a global life - they've lived in New York City, Moscow, Paris, Los Angeles, Washington DC, and back to living in New York City. They were so comfortable and versatile - [and by versatile I mean - they went together with skirts, pants, jeans, leggings, dresses - about everything imaginable and they were extremely comfortable and all-kinds-of-weather proofed...]. 


But the sad day has arrived and they cracked so much in the sole, that half of the sole just opened up like a hungry baby's mouth. It happened in the middle of the street in the middle of Manhattan as I was walking home and at that moment, I knew - I'd have to say goodbye... 

If any straight men are reading this post, most likely they'd feel like this kind of a post can be, basically, as per Sigmund Fraud, attributed to pure insanity...But it's not, because the rest of you, guys, out there, who had this happen in your wardrobe's life, you'd understand me. 

When I barely made it home with a broken boot, I put it in the bag and placed it by the doorway. It stayed there for two weeks or something, I still couldn't throw it away. I'd look at it every day and say to myself: "OK, tomorrow I'm throwing it away..." Tomorrow would turn into day-after, and after, and after... I just wasn't sure I'd find something like that in the near future to replace it.

But I had to do it, so I went boot shopping with a clear image of the kind of the boots I wanted - JUST like my last boots. After browsing through many shoe boutiques and department stores in Soho, I was finally holding, what I thought as, a close copy of my last boots in hand. Now I just need to take them for a stroll and see if they could live up to my expectations and serve me as faithrully and long as their predecessors...  

But so far, I like them.

Do you have a piece of clothing and/or footwear that you fee the same way about?

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