February 01, 2012

Weather To Love, Hate, and Manage: Style That Keeps On Giving

No, no, no - the winter is not yet over, unlinke some people would have hoped. 

Even despite the changes in the temperature, when every New Yorker gets confused for a day or two - changing from parkas and wool coats to leather jackets and booties - the freezing cold is back - and it almost always happens on the same day. No wonder, the local pharmacies have been looking much 'fuller' than they did in the Fall - there are just a lot of unpredictable weather changes that send even the most prepared stylish people into the hurricane of frustration over the fact that as a good a Samaritan fashion-conscious person you are, most likely you've dry-cleaned and packed way far away your stylish Fall clothes till the Spring and rolled out the whole Winter wardrobe to your disposal... And going back and forth in between the clothes and shoes from different seasons is NEVER fun. I feel you. I do. And I found the solution on how to manage these changes that I'd like to share with you...

 I'm in the same boat with you. When the weather changes overnight, I get panic attacks and frustrations - [that get, especially, expressive in the morning after I've checked the weather forecast on my iPhone and opened my closets just to find out that I'm absolutely confused at what to wear today, when the temperature can change over the hours and I'd find myself leaving the office in a completely different temperature level, wearing completely inappropriate for that new weather clothes and shoes]. 

Only, unlike many of you - my Fall and Spring clothes are not even close enough to pull out when I need them. They are stored in the boxes in a different city. So, I'm basically out of luck when it comes to weather changes, I have just enough clothes to keep me sane when the temperature switches from -5C to +15C overnight... 

That's why I had no excuse - [Oh Yes, I did!] - but to go shopping for something that would serve a dual purpose - to keep me warm and to keep me cool... And this is how I discovered that sleeveless faux fur vests are the best for this kind of 'fluctuating' weather - they've been absolutely saving my day since the date I got it. I put them - casually - over jeans and turtleneck sweaters and - formally - over pant suits and dresses, and I wear them with my UGGs and sweats on an errand run. They are the ultimate 'fit all kind of situations' outwear...Plus, they almost always complete any way you dress and make it look a bit more 'clean', dressy and stylish.

These new 'fury friends' keep me sane - both sleevless and with the sleeves. So, when the temperature rises, I just put one of those sleevless beasts - [they are FAUX, by the way - just in case if someone from PETA would wonder] - and viola! They are both breathable to keep me staying cool and warm enough to keep me warm where it needs to be warm - chest, neck, stomach...[I never heard of the arms to get 'sick', really].

Yes, you can wear these faux fur vests and coats even with the sweat pants, which, by the way, I'm obsessed about. They are absolutely the coziest thing in my wardrobe right now, they are also very warm - and, at the same time - not.

They are at the same time have the ability to keep you cool and comfortable. Something about the 'thermal' lining that adopts to the temperature. So if it's warm outside, they won't sweat you, if it's cold outside, they start to warm you...basically, they are HEATTECH!.

I'm sure I'm not explaining it in a very scientific way, but I'll let Uniqlo explain what HEATTECH is and how it works, where I got them, wishing I got them in a brown and/or black color as well...

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