March 19, 2012

Monday Fashionable Spontaneity

It's one of those Mondays. 

You wake up, you put something on that comes first to mind - a dress because it's relatively 'Spring-ly', while the rest of the clothes are still those of the heavy winter ones and the spring/summer ones are still packed away. 

Then you grab the first stockings you'd find in the drawer with a bit of a morning sun ray falling in the drawer just enough to tell black apart from the brown ones. 

And then the boots - suede, not leather ones, of course, it's +20C degrees outside, for God sake!... Long ones? I guess you have no choice, as all the short ones are with the heels, and you need flat ones because you are running late and need to walk. 

Viola - your Monday office outfit looks all pulled together nicely...

Then at lunch you'd actually have a few minutes to dissect what you are actually wearing today...
As for me - I realized that I'm all patterned-up today. How strange! Didn't even have it in mind, but ended up looking like Custo Barcelona circuit Fall 2011/Spring 2012. Wait, the dress is, as a matter of fact, by Custo Barcelona. Boots - by Kenneth Cole, whose footwear I've been admiring for a long time now.

So, sometimes a spontaneity can be surprising... Try it!

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