March 12, 2012

My New Studded Friends

I'm very thankful to the inner voice that forced me to go to TopShop in Soho last night - [seriously, I wasn't really planning], because just as I gave up looking for the studded shoes with spikes I've spotted last fall on the streets of New York, which I absolutely loved, I've got my luck.

Of course, I could not have afforded the ones I've spotted - they're the limited edition of studded flats from Christian Louboutin. So, I looked for the replicas of a good quality, which, basically, ended up to be an impossible mission. And until last night, the idea of finding similar looking ones left my mind... And here they are!

I'm absolutely obsessed with my new studded flats from TopShop! The spring and summer times now look so much more alluring to me... 

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