March 03, 2012

My Travels: Vermont In Night And Day

OK, here's why I'm not gonna post much this weekend - I'm trying to get the last of what's left of the winter.

I'm hitting the slops up in Vermont: one day of skiing at the Killington, VT - today, and tomorrow - it's Stratton, VT.

I'm excited about both, especially because I don't get to go skiing often, first of all. Second of all - as I got older, I realized that I'm not really a 'winter sports' person, I'm more of a summer sports person.

I prefer to be out in the sun in shorts, rollerblading, playing beach volleyball and/or tennis, or going for a jog and/or a bike ride. That's said, I am, actually, excited for this snowy weekend, but mostly because...

The huge part of my excitement lays within the fact that aside from skiing, I'm spending this weekend with my friends at a beautiful house with a fire place in the middle of the woods. And waking up to a smell of freshly brewed coffee and a view to die for - is much more serene and restful for me than the actual skiing.

It can't get better than that, right? Or can it?

Yes, it can, but on a totally sarcastic - but funny - note.

When last night our car reached the upward area in the Vermont ski resort, we realized, we will not make it in this car. The tires were not suited for this snowy road. 

Still, we tried! We spent the first hour trying to get up, by sliding down the hills and accelerating the speed to fool the tires to go up. That worked only to a certain point when we hit an even steeper hill and the car refused to go any further. After a few minutes of brainstorming, we became aware that our phones are dying and in a few minutes we would have neither connection to the world, no GPS - [and no any kind of the light to lead the way in the dark woods].

It's 3am and there's no way anyone would rescue us; the rare houses we saw in the dark didn't even have any lights on. No cars were passing by. The only thing we could do is to save ourselves from freezing in the car by walking by foot to the house we were staying at. The GPS said it's a 20-min walk from the point where we had to leave the car. Little did it say though that the whole walk in the middle of woods, in complete darkness with snow slopes up to a thigh, with bags on hands would be up the hills. We had no choice, right? We just hoped, as we walked, that the wolves - [and any other local fierce forest wild Vermont animals] - would be merciful.

3:30am. We found the house. The phones were dead. We were breathless and cold. A shot of cognac was a must.

Waking up at 7:00am to the full house of people, who were restful, unlike us, and excited to go skiing - making omlettes and coffee, I realized that there's no way I'd go skiing NOW. 7:15am - back to bed, or so I thought.... Here I am, blogging, while the rest of my last night adventurous group of friends are sleeping. So much for the early morning skiing!


Zhannet said...

And the car would not start later in a day. No skiing on Sat. :) Sunday nothing happend a day before. Car was runnung, Stratton skiing the best

Anonymous said...

what a great story, vermont is beautuful. I used to teach skiing at Killington. How was the snow on the mountain? Steve

Alisa K. K. said...

I was lucky to see Vermont in the summer AND winter! Beautiful. Two years ago I went there as a journalist to do a story about Solzhenitzin, who used to live in Cavendish, VT for 18 years!
The snow was great! It was a great weekend altogether!