March 03, 2012

The Postman Always Rings Twice: First Spring Fashion Indulgence

I don't know about you, but I'm getting ready for the Spring. Now it's all up to the postman to deliver the package.

Now that the fashion weeks in New York, Milan, Moscow and London are over, it's time to plan your own Spring collection. Let's face it - [and please, do not deny] - every time a different season arrives, we get butterflies in our stomachs at a thought of renewing our wardrobes, be it as simple as getting yourself a new broche to a more elaborate one - coats, dreses, pants, shoes... And that goes for both - women and men. It's just like looking forward to a first spring flower and/or a first long day, we are looking forward to adding a new accessory and/or an outwear item to our last year's Spring collection. 

So, what's in your wardrobe 'must-haves' for the Spring 2012?

The prints are in - especially when it comes to pants. Prints, patterns - flowers,  leaves, cars, animals of all sorts, art deco images... you name it. Tech-filled, inspired by digital photography prints are very in - com'on, what do you expect? It's the age of smartphones and mobile advertising. Just think - iTV to be arriving soon...

Pastels - time to renew the 'romantic 40s and 60s yourself'. Think The Great Gatsby...

Solids - white, black and reds and and don't forget the color-blocks - the brighter, the better. Clean, modern lines to angular couture, the art world’s twentieth-century geometric abstraction movement made its way to the runways. (FYI, Burgundy color will be very happening in the Fall.)

Pumps, pumps, pumps... It's all about  the pumps this Spring, both in very bright colors and in BLACK - [that's what I like to hear!] - which makes me very happy as the pumps - [and stilettos] - are the sexiest footwear invention for a woman. No boots and/or platforms can ever replaces it - in my humble opinion.

Whether fully visible or through a window of fabric, flashes of skin revealed tight abs this season - get on it, reveal a bit of screen.

Elegant and edgy - beyond 2012 with their sleek, modern designs.

Shapeless and...shape-ful designs - from dresses to skirts, shirts and trousers. A very good news for those who are not a fan of fitted pants and leggins.

So, what am I expecting from the postman this week - [yes, one sleepless night I've started my Spring upgrades...]:

Renewing your LBD - [aka Little Black Dress] - is always a must and should be on a "Must-Have" list in any ladies' wardrobe.

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