March 07, 2012

Return Of A Swoosh...

Remember those 60s and 70s when pretty every woman was making a swoosh eyeliner? Well, these times are back and at the full force. And while you don't yet see many women on the streets wearing a swoosh, you will soon as the recent fashion runaways showed - from Marni to Monique Lhuillier - they are back!
Now, tell me, have you ever managed to do a perfect swoosh eyeliner?

I could never master it! It never looks as perfect as on those cover and runway models. Then, again, they have a whole professional make-up team at their disposal; I'm sure it's not as easy to make ones at home for them as well.

Nevertheless, I've been doing them, but in moderation, not as Amy Winehouse' trademark swoosh eyeliners!

Her eyeliners were just so damn prominent, so - perfect. It was sooooo Amy - [sigh...we'll all miss you!] By the way, I can't believe her website is still active. A very strange feeling - there's no Amy anymore, but there's her site with a last post on December 11, 2011 to remind us all, when it's all abruptly ended...

Watch backstage at Marni, Milan Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2012: watch how they do the swoosh eyeliner - [wishing at this moment I had a personal make-up assistant, ha!]

So tell me your secrets to a perfect swoosh eyeliner, because, guess what, we'd all need to master it for the Spring/Summer 2012!

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