March 26, 2012

SCOPE ART SHOW NEW YORK: The Animations, Part II

As I've promised you in my previous blog, where I talked about the still art works that were showcased at the Scope Art Show New York, here are the audio and video works from the galleries from around the world.

What was interesting is that last year I haven't noticed much of these formats at the show. This time around, however, the audio and video works were prominently present at the art show, and I really enjoyed some of them. There's some good stuff happening on the art scene right now.

The digital media has made its way onto the art scene - that's official! I'm very excited to see what happens next year...

However, personally, I'm more of a conservative 'art-collector' and 'art-maker', when it comes to the various forms of the art. I'd say 'yes' to owning paintings, sculptures, graphic/computer-modified images and photography, but I'm not yet succumbed to the idea of having an audio/video work placed at my home. 

What about you?

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