March 23, 2012


Here's a thing - I'm very artsy. And if I had more time on my hands, I would have been designing something by now - fashion, ads, book covers... It's truly a pity that I'm not utilizing my one year of Graphic Design education at Oregon State University, my one year Desktop Publishing / Graphic Design program at School of Visual Arts in New York and my Copyright Advertising program at Georgetown University in Washington, DC - all of which I've finished with a great idea of doing something artsy. 

I used to be so immersed into the whole designing process that when I first started to freelance in PR in 2002, I actually offered the 'services' of designing brochures, posters, websites. One of which was actually used for a brochure at the Art & Design School of Art in New York.

Yes, those were the times when I actually did it. Now it all comes down to painting or collaging in the Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator in a spare moment of the sudden free time, which is not the same at all. It's truly a sad fact of my life that some time ago I dreamed of doing graphic arts, working for an advertising agency (and not as a sales and/or account management person, but on the creative side of the agency...) That's why I still watch all the ads during the major TV shows - [Super Bowl, The Oscar's, Olympics...] and read the copyright type in the magazines, as well as The Advertising Age, which by the way is in my bag right now...ahh!

So, now, what's left of it is the passion for all the artsy events and shows, not to mention the occasional browsing of the New York galleries - and the artsy places around the world when I travel. [I remember once how I stumbled over a small gallery in Bruges, Belgium, which happened to hold one of the largest-single gallery exhibition of Salvador Dali works. That was quite a 'cherry to top off my drink', as they say, when I was in Bruges...]

So, when I found out about Scope Art Show New York, I was thrilled to be getting back on the major artsy scene in New York. This expo happens only once a year, so, of course, it's a big deal. Especially because it's not just an exhibition, it's a show, where one can actually buy the art works! Not to mention that the expo features galleries from around the world. This year alone, Scope Art Show hosted over 50 international galleries and museum-quality programming that "highlighted groundbreaking, emerging work in contemporary art and beyond."

Here are a few that I really liked at the Scope Art Show New York:

You can watch the slideshow here. To follow Scope Art Show on Twitter, click here, or you can just follow me - I'm usually very good at tweeting the latest in lifestyle/fashion/art/culture/travel/social media/gadgets...ha!

By the way, if you think this is ALL I could share with you about the Scope Art Show New York, guess what? The video/audio part of the show is coming next!

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