March 21, 2012

Sneakers Invasion

They haven't arrived, they've revamped in such a way that they are taking over the city, and I'm one of them - a sneakers aficionado!

Don't take me wrong, I do love my heels. I love them so much that I'd rather be stocking on band-aids than give them up. However, I absolutely can not live without my Converses. I take them everywhere I go, because - believe it or not - they have always saved the day. Or, in other words - saved me from the worst surfaces I've ever had to walk and in places, where other footwear options won't do...

This is the thing about Converse: on one hand, they are just sneakers - [a fancy, less bulky version of sport shoes], on the other hand - they are so damn stylish that you can take them anywhere. You can safely take them to any stylish place on Earth and still look good, even they're worn with a skirt.

Mine, as a matter of fact, could have their own passport by now- they've walked the streets of Italy, Russia, France, DC, New York, Aruba, Los Angeles, Houston...

Of course, I'm not the only one who's a big fan of the sneakers. On the contrary, it seems that the sneakers are becoming more fashionable these days than they were just a few years ago. All of it thanks to the re-design and modernization of the sneakers to make them look very stylish and versatile, including the revamping of their image from 'take me to the country only' look to 'take me to the front rows of fashion weeks' look.

Here are the sneakers I've spotted recently on a very artsy-stylish trip to SCOPE ART SHOW NEW YORK two weeks ago - [which, by the way, deserves a blog of its own. It's coming!].

Sneakers now come not only in the basic colors, but in all the imaginable colors, patterns, textures, sole heights, with or without laces, embroidered and not, strudded and not, spiked and - not.

So, no matter if you like retro / classic sneakers or neon running shoes with spikes, there's a pair of must-have shoes for you. And while the high top sneakers became a trend this Fall 2011, replacing boots and giving a more relaxed look to everyday outfits - [check out Isabel Marant's sneakers being a real statement among the fashionistas these days] - I'm personally, sticking to my classics. As a matter of fact - I'm getting the most classic as you can get - I'm getting the white classic Converse this season!

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