March 08, 2012

So Chick, So Paris - in America!

Here's a thing. No matter how much New York women - [and for that matter - the stylish women of Milan, Paris, Moscow, London...etc., etc.] - talk about the high-end designer's shoes, the fact of the matter is that I love Nine West shoes.There!

And their latest collection is so chick, so Paris - so something I'd really like to get my hands on...

Since the very first time I've shopped there - some nnnn-years ago - I realized that either they have a great factory that makes incredibly comfortable shoes and/or they have quite a visionary in their management who knows What, When and How to design the most chick shoes of high quality but at a very affordable price. Not once they disappointed me.

Moreover, some of the shoes and boots I have from them get compliments everywhere I go and travel.
Yes, it's them and I'm still wearing them, since 2004...

Not long ago, for example, I took my beige suede boots that I bought back in 2004 at a Nine West store in New York to Rome in 2005, I was approached a few times by very well dressed Italians, asking me, where I got my boots. I could have - [for my own vanity] tell them I got them on Via Condotti, but I told them the truth, which, perhaps, perplexed quite a bit. They, probably, haven't even heard about the very American chain store before...

But it's not even the comfort and quality they provide - [and believe me, the least thing I want to do is to 'promote' some store, but the truth should be spoken and I want for the ladies out there to know that you can be stylish without breaking your budget!] - is that they are always reinventing in all the aspects of their business - from making their website very easy and digitally interactive to picking the right content and visuals!

I even subscribe to their newsletter because I just love, love the way they do it! Easy, visual and so damn simple that appeals! So, when a few days ago I got their newsletter, I couldn't resist the urge to call them up and tell them - Thank you for knowing exactly what I wanted for Spring/Summer 2012!


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