March 06, 2012

The Story of Ancient Chinese Legend

A few months ago I've covered Daphne Guinness amazing collection at FIT (Fashion Institute of Technology), which was, pretty much, dedicated to her life-long collaboration with the genius Alexander McQueen. She pretty much served as his muse and as his 'spokesperson' by wearing almost everything he had ever designed...

So, when I learned about the recent short film she did as a tribute to McQueen, based on ancient Chinese legend, I couldn't stay away. I watched a few times, although it's just a preview and I want more.

Judge for yourself: watch The Legend of Lady White Snake...

It's a contemporary take of an ancient Chinese legend where a beautiful woman who is actually a thousand year old white snake falls in love with a human but their relationship is forbidden by nature's law. 

Daphne Guinness shines in this epic tale of love, life and loss by Markus Klinko and Indrani. You'll finally get to hear the power Guinness' voice can intone, matching her super human style and look.

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