March 19, 2012


I love taking photos of the people. Just of the regular men and women in and about town. 

There's something captivating in how people carry themselves, what they wear and how. Some of the best trends are discovered on the streets - or so I believe and... Bill Cunningham, for that matter - a notorious street fashion and New York lifestyle photographer from The New York Times. 

In the documentary film about him - [which, by the way, I own, of course] - a journalist asked him why all the fascination with the street fashion, why he [Bill] barely shoots any of the runway fashion shows. His answer was simple: "It's the street, where the fashion starts..." 

But I also believe that it's the street, where the runway fashion designs end up after being adapted to the level of 'affordability' and 'individuality' of every single person. I admire those who can take a piece of a trendy designer's clothing item and mix-and-match it with a low-end fashion item from the likes of Forever21 and H&M...

Here's a person, I've spotted on a subway, whose look I really liked... Guess, if it's a man or a woman?!

Now, check if you've guessed it right... 

We truly live in the UNISEX era. On one hand - there are very feminine fashionable trends, on the other hand - so are the many unisex trends that we all wear: from Harem pants to vests, over-sized bags and army chunky boots. You might like it or not - but it's happening, just as the Calvin Klein's ONE is still being one of the best sellers in the unisex perfume category...

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