March 03, 2012

While I'm in Vermont, They're in Milan

Tell me, do they or do they not?

Why Do Italians Do It Better: by - my new found addiction. In this video they asked the front row at Milan Fashion Week Fall 2012 what they thought about Italian style.

Personally, since I've been to Italy a few times and last August I had a chance to visit and spend a few days in Milan, I could attest to many people out there that Italians DO, in fact, do it better.

They do. They just simply do! I don't know if it's their natural fashion-conscious instinct, if they are born with it, or it's an acquired taste for excellence and creativity in fashion - [and grasp understand of color and mix-and-match 'techniques' in a personal styling] - but they seem to know it better than any other nationalities.

Perhaps the only other nationalities that can get as close to their sense of fashion would be, in my humble opinion, the French and Japanese.

What do you think?

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