April 02, 2012

An All Essential Bun

Apparently the question that I've raised last September still holds the truth! 

The buns are in and they are here to stay, which, as I said before, makes me very happy as a bun is the only solution I could find in many years to battling the bad hair days. It solves it all and is pretty versatile across the climate, places and times - it's as great for the beach, as it is for the work-outs. Not to mention that it actually can look quite stylish, if well-put together. 

As a matter of fact, I'm wearing one right now, which is not surprising, as it's happening more often than I'd like it to. But there are certain days, when you keep pushing the morning alarm sound on hold, over and over again, realizing that you have just enough time to get dressed and zero time to do your hair. Buns - are the essential day-saver in those instances!

Moreover, despite the common belief that the buns are pretty boring and all look the same, you might be surprised to find out that buns never look the same on different people, just as the ponytails do not look the same. Depending on the texture and volume for your hair, as well as on the form of your face and the overall build of the body - the buns look different on each one of us.

So, embrace the 'ballet' buns and be happy that breakfast happens not only in Tiffany's!

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