April 03, 2012

An Every Woman's Right To Stilettos


Every self-respected New York woman has at least one pair of stilettos in her closet. That's just how it is. We, New York women, love our stilettos. We are even loving them at the expense of our feet - we love our feet, but we can wear them to tear because we seem to love our stilettos more.

There's nothing like wearing stilettos that make any style look sexy - be it wearing them with jeans and/or with an evening gown. I, personally, believe that they can even make a hoodie and yoga pants look stylish to the point of walking in a coffee shop, wearing nothing but yoga leggins and a t-shirt in stilettos and you'd look made-up enough to get the last awesome muffin in the shop...without a line.

Personally, sadly to admit, I haven't been wearing too much of the stilettos. I'm one of those women who are always in a rush, running the streets of the city like there's no tomorrow, managing to complete all the chores in one day, when it takes a week for other people to do so. [I often compare myself to an obligate ram ventilator - a kind of a shark, that after being immobilized, dies.] And since I'm also a vivid walker, believing in taking subways and taxis on rare, absolute unavoidable situations only, I require more-or-less comfortable shoes. 

That does not mean I wear loafers and/or running shoes - [Converse sneakers are an exclusion to the rule, they are just too damn hot and stylish]. Not at all. I still believe that even in a big city, even when one walks a lot, it's a requirement to have: 1. a nice bag, 2. a nice accessory, and 3. nice shoes... Not to mention the nice manicure/pedicure and nice hair, which you can still hide in that one nice accessory, like elbow-length gloves and a cap.

But this year I've succumbed to the idea that I definitely need stilettos. It's about time - [as a notorious dinosaur of following some of the existing-for-ages trends later than anyone else] - I decided to get myself some stilettos, which had to meet the following requirements:
  1. They should be joyful, and by joyful I mean - colorful
  2. Their heels should not be taller than 4-inch - no woman enjoys looking down the man
  3. And, surprisingly enough, they should still be comfortable and walkable
A mission impossible? Yes, it almost was. I thought I'd never find the ones that would meet all the requirements above. Luckily, when one is not looking, one finds - [and old proverb]. I found just the right ones, which made my day! And on top of that, they 'came with' the cutest flats in my favorite color - orangy - dark pink, which I had to have in the situations, when my feet would refuse to wear the stilettos. Basically, in just one store I got the best of both worlds - heels and flats.

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