April 11, 2012

Fresh Up With Joe Fresh: It's The Orange, Orange World

Despite the fact that Spring does not seem to rush to the north-eastern hemisphere of America this year, you can still make it very Spring-y, very summer-y. Just add a touch of orange, yellow and...orange.

The neutral and black colors have got to go!

Last time I told you that I've discovered the Canadian label Joe Fresh finally opening the stores in New York. This label has been around online and on the tongues of many fashion magazines for a while - even before they arrived in USA, referring to the online stores only. 

Personally, I've noticed them a while ago and instantly liked their simple classic, but at the same time, very stylish clothes, footwear and accessories. Joe Fresh is not known for the huge selection - the assortment, but rather for a few choices here and there, which is still good enough, because one does not have to have a wide array of stuff to choose from, but rather needs choices that pretty much tailor to all his/her needs. [By the way, I sneak-peaked on the men's selection and found it even more stylish in its simplicity than the women's - so stylish that I wanted to get a few items for myself, but...didn't!]

And this is exactly how I feel about Joe Fresh. Their selection of clothes, shoes and accessories is good enough to satisfy my personal cravings - from cool 'bubble' dresses to work-out - yoga and biking - clothes, which I got from Joe Fresh last week. 

Not to mention the fact that Joe Fresh is very orange this season, which is one of my favorite colors! I now have quite an orange wardrobe for the Spring and it makes my mood very 'sunny' when I look at it every day.

Here's what's cooking in the NY stores of Joe Fresh for the Spring/Summer 2012 - [by the way, the reason I keep referring to NY stores and not to the nationwide stores is because, as I found out from the store sales people, Joe Fresh stores do not carry the same assortment across the stores and the Joe Fresh store on Madison Ave. is not the same as the Joe Fresh store on the 5th Avenue - they carry completely different assortment!]

The orange dresses, which also available in other colors...
My selection for the spring/summer....
The 'bubble' dress I got in... black, because it looked better in black on me .

Joe Fresh's orange, actually, reminds me of my favorite 'European' drink - The Aperol Spritz - that I indulged myself in through all 12 days of the road trip around Italy, Montenegro and Croatia last August. A bit of beautiful tasty nostalgie helps to relate the clothes to very happy moments of one's life... Don't you think so?

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