April 06, 2012

Casual Fridays In A Big City

...and it slowly turns into an evening gown.

I wish we could all say that about our Friday outfits at work!

Fridays in America are usually the casual days sans the sneakers and sweats, of course. On Fridays the office workers are usually allowed to wear jeans and casual shirts, just as long as it's still within the 'office attire rules' acceptance. But here is a thing, while most of us - especially the people who work in the corporate America - long for Fridays to wear the casuals, it's a double-end sword, because usually on Fridays one goes out right after work. 

So, how can you stay casual and dressed up enough to hit all those fabulous lounges, parties, events?
For a lot of people, it's a struggle. Fridays become the days of 'backpacking', when office people dress casually, but bring some clothes, shoes and accessories to change for the after-work night on the town. That's especially common in NYC - [or any other big city]. 

I think I'm one of those, who brings a bag of change of clothes, when I know I wouldn't have time to go home and change after work... However, some, omit the 'rules of casualty' and dress up for the office on Fridays anyway, but then - how about those jeans you love so much? Wear them! But bring stilettos and over-sized accessories to compliment it in the night - these always save the day!

So, we are going out tonight with friends, and, obviously, I spent more time dressing up and figuring out what to wear for the ultimate 'casual - turns - dressy' outfit this morning - than I do on any other given day - because I had to figure out how to dress to both take advantage of the casual Fridays and look stylish enough for the night, especially now that it's the last day of the Martini Week in New York and many fabulous lounges and bars are serving up the city dwellers with their favorites...

I finally figured it all out that it'd be OK to wear:

1. Flats, but not just flats - the flats that have an 'oomph' feel to them, like my TopShop's studded 'spike' flats - [not sneakers, which, by the way, I usually live in on Fridays]
Jean shirt by Uniqlo, jeans - from a boutique in Milan, flats by TopShop.

2. Funky fun dressy jeans - [the Harem jeans I got in Milan last August, but Diesel makes some good dressy jeans too!]

3. A nice top with some nice big accessories

I'm obsessed with the jean shirt from Uniqlo! A necklace by Joe Fresh. A black long sleeve with a print shirt - from Zara.

4. A fur sleeveless jacket and some leather elements - won't hurt

5. And, of course - some stand-out color bright nail polish. I picked a bright orange color - [check Joe Fresh nail polish, they have great colors for Spring/Summer 2012 in bright pink, orange, green, and blue, which are actually of very good quality - last long, apply easy, dry fast and it doesn't hurt that 3 nail polish for the price of $10! I also like the nail polish by Milan's KIKO and Esse]. I'm gonna talk more about the Spring/Summer 2012 nail polish trends soon!

Done, done, done! Now I can still take advantage of the casual Fridays and the corporate America's Friday does not have to look that dull anymore, ha!

What's your casual Friday outfit like?

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