April 13, 2012

From New York To Russia And...Back: Leonid Gurevich's Tribute

I'm extremely excited and happy for my friend, Leonid Gurevich, whose hard work and unbelievable creative vision finally paid off last week, when he tributed his collection at Aurora Fashion Week in St. Petersburg, Russia.

I've watched the show a few times, because, first of all - it's the very first runaway show of Leonid's work, and second of all - I couldn't get enough of the 'whole package' of the show. The visuals, the audio, the everything - so well thought-through...

I've written about Leonid before, mentioning how inspiring he is to everyone around, who gets a chance to meet and talk to him in person. 

He's one of these people, who is both humble and energetic to the point that once around him, one wants to create something as well. For example, he inspired me to create a necklace, when I saw a necklace he wore that he made out of simple Home Depot bolts! But  you wouldn't know it, because it looked so cool, so stylish that I decided to pull out a bunch of various odd things I've collected for the time when 'I retire and have time to create something out of it' and finally put it to use and made a necklace!

This is just a very small detail of how Leonid is. 

He's been around the New York fashion scene for a while, but not on the bigger scale, rather - in the very cool underground scene, when everyone knows him, but at the same time there's still so much to know about him! He slowly but surely built his presence in the Hollywood celebrity scene, having the likes of Sasha Gradiva, who walked the red carpet of the Grammy's in one of his very, very cool creations this year and the outfit that kept the press buzzing about for days, and Lil' Kim, who we all know is rather picky about her outfits and is, definitely, known for wearing the outfits that make A STATEMENT. I wouldn't be surprised that Madonna and J. Lo would be soon walking the red carpet in his outfits, you wait and see!

And even though he does not yet have an official website, he's rather choosing to be a blogger. His blog is addicting, to say the least. If I visit his blog, I can browse through his creations for hours. But what's amazing about him is the way he approaches his creations, the way he conceptualizes it. When you look at his works, you wonder both what inspires him and how his mind works that it allows to create something so 'outside the box'. And, of course, deep down, I hope that some day I'd wear one of his fabulous creations - at least for an evening... A girl can dream!

Check out his 'Tribute' Collection up close and personal that he dedicated to one of the greatest Russian actresses of all times - Lyudmila Gurchenko, who passed away not long ago, and who was always an extravagant dresser - to say the least...(Photos: Courtesy of Aurora Fashion Week)

The designer himself - Leonid Gurevich

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