April 10, 2012

In And About NYC: The Headphones Girl

I totally dig the whole outfit, including the accessories on this girl: from high platform wedges and dark jeans to the motorbike leather jacket, big watch and the over-sized headphones that I seem to see more and more often in New York these days. 

Personally, I prefer the small headphones, but I've longed to have the over-sized ones for some time now. I hear they can serve as ear mufflers during the winter and have a pretty good sound for those who want to both tune out the street noise and feel like they are in a club, alone. I was thinking, actually, of using them for jogging...

What do you think about the over-sized headphones, are they still 'IN' or are they 'OUT'?
We, in USA, are a bit behind on all that's happening in Europe - it takes up to 1-2 years to adapt the trends from the overseas.

For example, while the Europeans have been riding Vespas for as long as I could remember - [my first trip to Europe was in 1993], we've started to see Vespas on our streets - [and mostly in the big cities] only a couple of years ago. The same thing is happening with the headphones - the Germans, Italians and Dutch have been wearing those for a long time, not to mention the Japanese fashionistas...

The wedges that this girl is wearing is simple, classic and very stylish. She, basically, opted to have the most classic look - the black leather on 'wooden' brown platforms. Very cool! I want those now. The other simple ones that I really like are by Rachel Roy, "Linley" wedges.

But if you decide to spice it up, to color-up your wedges wardrobe this Spring/Summer, it's also a very good decision, because the color - [as I've written many, many times] - is very 'IN' right now! Here are few wedges that I absolutely love and might be getting myself:

Sondra Roberst Sensational Stripe rubber and elastic wedges, Picardy Shoe Parlour and I'm also digging Vince Camuto Pamir leather heels with sud detail - not wedges, but still very cool, very colorful, very summery! Watch them now...

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