April 05, 2012

The Metamorphosis of Shoes: The Clogs, The Jika-Tabi

Last night I've spotted rather interesting booties on two different people in completely two different settings - at a store and on subway. 

Two different styles. Totally caught my attention. Very unique. Very particular. I'm wondering where they've got them. I should have asked, if I weren't carrying 50 pounds of bookshelves at that moment.
I think it's a rather refreshing modern variation of old-school clogs with a stylish twist that totally makes a difference. While, I'd never wear clogs - nothing against them, they just don't look good on my feet - I'd definitely would wear these booties. You?
These split-toe and transparent heels booties remind me of the Japanese traditional footwear - Jika-tabi, which I've got as a present from my friend's visit in Tokyo two years ago. While I have them in the 'sneaker kind of style', these are the actual booties. I have a mixed feeling about them. Not sure, if I'd wear this style. You?
My Jika-tabi!

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