April 23, 2012

My City Finds: Popbar's Gelato

Continuing with the series of the great finds in the city, here's something I've discovered last weekend - a very cute shop of handcrafted gelato on a stick!

Knowing me well, you'd know that I'm obsessed with gelato. I'm not a big fan of the regular ice-cream - especially the American kind that is too sweet and too heavy. I usually end up indulging in the real kind of gelato when I travel to Europe. My favorite gelato of all times is in Italy, I especially like the ones I tried in Florence. [By the way, as I learned later, it wasn't an accidental that I found gelato in Florence one of the best I've ever had - each year Florence holds a Gelato Festival, this year the festival will happen May 23-27, 2012. Visit and taste for yourself!] My personal favorite place for gelato in Florence is Gelateria de' Neri (Via dei Neri 22r), and I'm not the only one who says so!

My favorite flavors are kiwi, hazelnut and pistachio, although I'll try a mixed berry once in a while.

So, taken that I love my gelato, I was super happy to find a very good gelato place A Popbar in my home town of New York, which, I, obviously, had to try to see if that's a real kind of gelato - or the kind I like in Europe. 

Well, those are some good gelato sticks, which you can get 'naked' - or without anything on it - just in its original flavor, or you can have it dipped in chocolate and all sorts of nuts - from walnuts to pistachio. I've opted for a 'naked' one in - of course - hazelnut flavor. I ended up being very happy about my tasting, but not with the price. For a relatively small 'naked' gelato on a stick - I paid $4.00, which with a tax adds up to almost $4.50. I'd definitely prefer a gelato in a crisp fresh cone for 2 Euros in Florence...

Popbar: 5 Carmine St. (@ 6th Ave.) New York, NY 10014, Tel: 212-255-4874. Open until 11PM. You can actually follow them on Twitter and/or become their fan on Facebook. [It's amazing to see that absolutely everyone is on the social media nowadays, one can follow and subscribe to Facebook pages of favorite restaurants, bars, shops, yoga studios, etc.  - a new world we live in!]

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