April 15, 2012

My Sexy 'Bauhaus' Heels

Continuing with the series of my personal discoveries of some great places in the city to shop, eat, see and entertain at that I promised to be sharing with you upon my unique discoveries, I'm pathetically happy to acknowledge the fact that yesterday I've discovered I might have been the last person in New York City, who didn't know what's become of the notorious dance club that has been so famous for its raging dance scene back in the late 1990s and early 2000s.

The Limelight Church, which saw the best and the worst of the dancing crowd -  including the infamous claims that recreational drugs were so ever-present at Limelight that it became an equal conduit for those looking to score [and for which it's been closed forever!] - is now hosting fashion boutiques.

Don't disregard the young man outside the shopping center, he's actually handing out a $20-discount on the footwear you'd want to leave with, trust me!
Having learned about the new 'shopping area', I decided to stop by and see what's happening nowadays with the renovated space that, as I remembered it vividly, having stood in line along with the other 20-something eager to party New Yorkers back in the days, used to spin one of the best Eurodance music.

The notorious 'coke famous' Limelight dance club...
As a result, not only I've discovered that there are three levels of the boutiques located inside the 'church' - right in the space, where the dancing crowds used to be, but that these shops carry quite an interesting assortment of women's and men's clothes, footwear and accessories. Two shops especially got my attention as they actually carry some of the items that I could only find on the European shopping sites, like ASOS.com - W Shoes and Modalistas.

So, I ended up getting the boots by the United Naked label [hello, what brand?], which, as I learned is actually an European brand that is very successfully being sold at the London's Selfridges luxury department store. I guess I was pretty on target for assuming that both the footwear and the clothes reminded me of something I would get on either ASOS.com and/or RiverIsland.com.

I absolutely fell in love with these boots for its originality - [sorry, I'm a big sucker for everything creative, innovative and...peculiar in a very artistic, modern way], and even though they were out of my 'price range', I've decided to get them anyway, because these are the footwear, which we refer to as - the statement making ones! 

What appealed to me is the design of the boots. I would have guessed by just looking at the heel design alone that it's been rather designed by an architect than a shoe designer,  per say. And I was right! Ha! Most of the boots and shoes at the store were, as a matter of fact, designed by an architect, I was told!

This completely made sense to me as I've browsed through the store's footwear collection, noticing how each of the heel's design might have been approached to. Only an architect would have been able to both come up with a structurally constructed heel and make it wearable, just as he/she would design an office - to be workable.  

These boots - and some of the others you'd see below - looked to me as something that might have been influenced by the Bauhaus school of design, known as one of the most influential art movements in Modernist architecture and modern design. These boots are a good representation of clear-cut, straight-cut simple modern design that defines the Bauhaus style, which, at the same time, is also practical - [even if it does not look like that from the outside].

However, as I've mentioned quite a few times before - my approach to footwear shopping is that no matter, how stylish the shoes might be, they still should be practical and serve the main purpose of being the footwear - they should get me from point A to point B and back without causing major pain. 

My footwear has to be durable and walkable - [and stylish, of course!] - as I have no patience for dealing with the blisters - [I do, though, keep a box of band-aids at home, just in case!]. 

If these boots ended up to be un-walkable, I would have disregarded them, even if I really, really liked them. However, they ended up to be very comfortable, which I tested the same night out in the city. Now, I have my own 'Bauhaus' at home...or, at least that's how I'd like to think of them.

Check out the rest of the footwear, designed by an architect, the designs of heels of which - as well as the overall design of it - I could not have ignored...

So, if you are looking for a piece of stylish 'Europe' in the heart of Manhattan, which offers 'architecturally designed' footwear, head over to Limelight Shopping Center and get yourself your own 'Bauhaus' boots and/or shoes: 656 Avenue of the Americas (Sixth Ave.), Phone: 212-255-2144. Website: http://www.limelightshops.com

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