April 14, 2012

Oh La, La, La: She's Arrived

French Vogue: A celebrity smoking? - Yes. S&M? - Yes.  Wrong? - Maybe. But at least they are not hypocrates. 

I'm back to talking about French, France and the whole how 'openly sexual' the French fashion journalism is. I can't get enough of how liberated the French press is about talking and showing the sexual images on both - the screen [mind you - on the public TV] and magazines and that does not make French youth more, how to put it in a respectful non-sexual way? - over-sexed than the youth in other countries...

Well, France - and the rest of the world - is about to get one more liberated fashion magazine in stores.

It's official now, she's back! While many assumed that she'd be just kicking back in her Parisian apartment, having a croissant sans beurre, she fooled them all. The ex-French Vogue editor Carine Roitfeld is back and not alone - Roitfeld's rumored new magazine for months is now revealed.

The sneak peak of Carine's new magazine... As sexy as always - as the editor herself.

Carine Roitfeld unveiled both the magazine's new name - CR Fashion Book - and a smattering of mockup spreads to Women's Wear Daily. And it's so damn sexy and stylish, as always. But what else one should expect from the most sought after by fashion photographers and bloggers fashionista and a ground breaker?

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