April 03, 2012

The Rain Just Got More Stylish

Call me color, call me black - call me any color you can think of...

It's a delight to see that, finally, those rubber rain boots that were so not fashionable just a few years ago, became such a fashion statement. Thanks to the boots makers - [I talked about them as I prepared for the Fall's rainy weather in Washington, DC] - and high-end designers, they brought back the old fashioned rain boots and made them very stylish, which was a relief for all the fashionistas around the world, who were in major footwear crisis once it was raining. Now, they can safely wear the stylish rain boots and feel adequate enough to show up on the streets wearing their stylish clothes with the rain boots without any guilt of consciousness that they are breaking the fashion rules.

We also need to thank the 'original' rubber boots makers - the British The Hunter brand, which boots have brought the 'sexy back'. Not only they actually do look stylish, but the likes of Kate Moss, Elle Macpherson and Gwyneth Paltrow have been wearing them - [by the way, these ladies have some great personal style, as you can see in Macpherson's Intimates, Paltrow's Goop blog and Kate Moss' Collection for TopShop], so we took a notice and started ordering the rain boot shipments by a bulk from UK just in time for the local U.S. based brands to start recognizing the overwhelming need for good rubber rain boots! 

Now, there are so many of them that the supply is larger than the demand, at least in the places where it rains less than, let's say, in Oregon. [I wish they had those back in the 90's when I had to live in Oregon for 6 years during the worst rain days of my life, wearing ugly rain boots with my then, so Express and Gap clothes, which I considered to be ruined by the ugliness of my plain black rubber rain boots... Suffer no more!]

One of my favorite rain boot collection that I've just recently came about is at Joe Fresh - [I was that close to get those, but having recently moved to a small apartment, I have that much space to actually hold all my footwear...], the brand new Canadian import that I love so much for its absolute simplicity in the ways that it does not ruin the stylishness of the clothes, accessories and footwear. I'm gonna talk about his Spring/Summer 2012 collection, as well as about the brand itself shortly, as I've had quite a great experience last weekend shopping at two of their three stores in New York, which they just opened up. Joe Fresh's rain boot collection is so stylish as it is colorful, not to mention the ridiculous prices - [the founder of the brand prides himself in low prices, while maintaining the greatest quality and style!] How can one beat the prices of $39-70 for good quality footwear? You, simply, can't...

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