April 16, 2012

Simply Chick and...Safari

There's definitely a trend going on across many non-American stores these days - the simplicity in approaching the fashion, adapting the runaway looks and make them down-to-earth. 

I've been also noticing a lot of 'safari' looks, which, as I assume are coming from the likes of Michael Kors, whose latest collection and running in print ads are all about safari.

All in all, the simple lines in the stylish clothes look pretty universal as they apply to many life situations and occasions - from office attire to traveling apparel and leisure times out on a town. I do like the simple clothes, when they have a bit of 'oomph' in them, like the latest Spring/Summer line at one of my favorites - Uniqlo.

Their current collection is not only very pleasant on an eye, but it's very versatile in its simplicity: from cargo pants to skinny capri pants, from both earthy to very bright moccasins, linen jackets and short light denim dresses. Pretty much as some might say - uninventive, but in truth - they just redefined the old classics with a modern twist to meet the runaway looks.

What's your take on the fashionable simplicity?

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