April 22, 2012

A Spring Answer To Color: A Tale Of A Blue Skirt And Pink Purse

Bright pinks and blues, neon greens and yellows - the Spring has arrived and the fashion world is telling us that as much as we love our blacks, browns and beige, it's time to add some color to our wardrobes, just as the Japanese and Italians have been always doing it.

When I was trying this blue skirt at Modalistas, I had a black variation of it as well, which was very tempting to get, but as the sales person puts it - everyone has black skirts, it's universal, it goes with everything but...it's boring. And 'boring' is not the word you want to use to describe your Spring/Summer wardrobe. In winter - maybe, but in the spring and summer - no way! 

So, I 'pushed my wardrobe's' envelope and got a bright blue skirt, which I do not regret at all. But once I got it, I started thinking what it could be possibly worn with, what colors go well with it? Yellow - maybe. Beige - always, but not as exciting. Black - yes, and no. Whites? White goes with everything... As a result, I got myself a very bright pink purse to see what happens, and - I loved it! 

A pink purse by Kenneth Cole Reaction

I would have never thought in the million years that pink would go well with the blue, but it does. Now I'm going to buy a bright pink t-shirt and/or a light pullover to wear with the blue skirt, as blacks and whites - as much as they are safe colors - they do not excite me this season. 

So, think bright, think colors, think of the combinations that you might have never ever thought of before, challenge yourself and...experiment, experiment, experiment. That's what today's fashion is all about - taking chances and risks and end up challenging the conservative concept of the fashion, where White House/Black Market prevails.

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