April 09, 2012

Spring Is In The Air

When I write about the lifestyle, I write about everything that is part of my life, including the traveling and photography. Including the fact, that I absolutely have to do a photo session of some sort - at least once a week - to satisfy the creative juices in me. 

Usually it happens on a weekend day, as I have more time to go out, explore, discover, see things and people and pause to take a photo of my discoveries and/or something that captures me. Just as it happened last weekend, when on Saturday I ventured out to enjoy the re-arriving of the Spring in New York City, and on Sunday taking a photo morning run to capture the very essence of the Hudson River / West Side Manhattan as it appears to the joggers and bikers - to those who come to the riverfront for fitness purposes.

Loving the fact that the Spring is here, and hopefully to stay, I've browsed through one of my favorite parts of the city - around the Flatiron Building and Madison Square Park to see how both the nature and the people are greeting this warm and sunny weather:

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