April 06, 2012

A Work Lunch

I've been always fascinated with the people, who come to work with a home-made breakfast and/or lunch. Despite the fact that I've been bringing my own home-made yogurt-granola parfait to work every day - [and only because I like it a very particular way, while most of the places make it very sweet, like it's a desert, not a breakfast item], I no longer bring any 'lunches' from home, since there are so many options to eat lunch at in New York.
However, that's said, if I could - [if I had all the time in the world and/or someone, who could make lunches for me] - I'd bring lunch with me to work from home, no doubt! So, whenever I see someone on the way to work carrying a lunch box and/or while riding the metro, I peaked at some working professional girl's lunch in a plastic bag sticking out of a purse - I find it rather amusing to see how people put it all together, from the way they wrap a sandwich to a way they bundle fruits. 

Just as the other times, this morning I saw a young professional on his way to work, carrying a clear bag with what appeared to be a full lunch set: a sandwich, a nutritious bar and a bottle of water. He looked so sharp in his business-casual attire, with a morning newspaper, carrying this bag out in the open, as many try to hide the fact that they bring lunch to work from home... 

I, personally, think it's rather adorable. What do you think? Do you bring your own lunch to work? 

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