May 06, 2012

Being Lazy, Sick And Inspired: The New Fashion Series

Today's day - Sunday, May 6, 2012 - happens to be one of those days, when I'm coming up with many ideas for many aspects of my life, some of which are doable and some of which fit the category of 'sweet dreams' not to be ever executed, or, ever to be possible to be executed for some reason or another. Either way, I'm dreamy today.... 

Being at home is so much nicer in the presence of your beloved pets. Meet my Chester.
I haven't done much all morning - being laaaazy!!!, except for making French press coffee - [I'm wired!!!] - and my grandma's old recipe's chicken soup from scratch just because I'm, actually, sick again - [and in this case, I've made too much of it again, which I very soon will get bored of!]

However, the term 'being sick' never fits in my head, so I try to stay away from 'being sick' by staying super active - sometimes too active, for which I've always gotten arguments from my mom, who strongly believes in slowing down and spending time in bed with a cup of hot brewed camomile tea with lemon and honey in order to get better, setting aside all the physical and mental activities. This never worked with me - much to the disappointment of my mother! But, I must admit, it's much more tolerable to be home sick in the company of a furry friend, in this case - in the company of my Scottish Fold cat Chester, who makes my life so much better...

Yes, it's love!
Tried to see if our eyes match...They actually - do look similar, hah!
So, I've been thinking about a lot of things, including my blog - is there anything else I'd like to talk about? Would you tell me what it is? And I realized, just because I don't have a daily access to some of the designers to see them work, think, create and talk first hand does not mean I can't offer it to my readers. Thus, I decided to introduce a series on what the designers are all about, how they came to become who they've become, where they get the inspirations, and etc. I hope you'll enjoy it.

My very first video is on one of my favorites - Prabal Gurung. In this video the designer talks about making the big-time in the fashion industry as the camera follows Gurung around the East Village, while we learn about his style inspirations - [I really loved how he talks about the daily life activities - people, places, events - inspiring him, because those are the things that do inspire me too].

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