May 06, 2012

A Dark Jean Shirt

As you know by now, I'm obsessed with my jean shirt. I wear it all the time and with everything. 

I find it very versatile and workable for many occasions - under a blazer with black pants, it looks formal enough but with a casual chick twist. Over jeans with sneakers and a motorcycle leather jacket - it looks both very casual and very America Levi's 80s. Over a short summer dress, it looks also chick and stylish and ... comfortable and warm. A jean shirt is also great for covering any flaws and making an outfit look doable on all occasions. 

OKEY, let's just say - I'm obsessed with a jean shirt. The one I got a year ago at Uniqlo, the light wash, has already traveled internationally with me. It has its own passport now, hah! But recently, it's got itself a competition - in the form of a dark wash jean shirt from the same store, Uniqlo.  

On my recent stop at the shop, I was, actually, looking for basic black pants for those 'boring corporate' occasions, where printed pants wouldn't work. However, I ended up walking out of the shop with a new jean shirt that I absolutely love. 

Interestingly enough, it's not even a woman's shirt, although I've noticed it on a woman's mannequin. When I asked a sales person, where I can find this shirt, she told me that it was, actually, a man's shirt and pointed me towards a man's department, which, on its own, quite an interesting experience - [have you ever noticed the curious look of men shopping in their departments, when a woman enters it, wondering what's is that that she's looking for and, most importantly, for whom - a father, brother, boyfriend, husband? Men get even more intimidated, when a woman enters their intimates department, which I find very amusing and often do that just in order to see the reaction...]

So, as it always happens, when I come to shop for one thing and leave with another one - I walked out with my new - [man's] - obsession, a dark jean shirt size XXS sans the pants...

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