May 24, 2012

Dazed & Confused

I'm not sure if it's the rain and/or the gray skyline that trigged my hidden inhibition and appreciation of the noir-style artsy fashion with an erotic twist, but it is, what it is - it's very luring, very sensual in a very twisted, dark way with a bit of... a lady-swan behavior. 

I appreciate the artists, who approach a fashion photoshoot in such a creative way that, when you look at the final result of what should be an ad for a clothing and/or accessory piece campaign, you wonder about the idea behind the look. 

Why has it be shot the way it was shot? Whaat?

This must have been the idea behind the creative idea of A Scanner Darkly promo campaign for Dazed & Confused June 2012. There's, actually, a lot going on in this photoshoot: from rock-n-roll look and black-and-white noir Parisian Montmartre ala Edith Piaf to Tim Burton alike dark-forces characters and ala hippy Maria Antoinette hairdos...

Red, black, white - a bold statement, always...

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