May 23, 2012

In And About NYC: Summer Reflections In The West Village

I think I got carried away with the perfect beautiful summer days that New York has gotten last week and forgot about my blog. What a shame! While my blogging 'comrades' have been faithfully updating their blogs on a daily basis, I took a short break. Agh, please forgive my absence...

Alas, the summer is finally here!
The indulgence was happening in everything - from walking the streets of the city and observing, how the New Yorkers changed into their summer outfits to lounging on the grass in the parks and dining at the open-air cafes. 

I must admit, as much as some of the days in the summer get to be a bit unpleasant due to the notorious NY humidity, nevertheless, summer is one of the best seasons in the city, because the city means serious business when it comes to the summers, offering various open-air activities, like theatre plays, concerts and movies in the parks, numerous cafes and bars, pool parties on the roofs of the hotels and private housings, boating and kayaking and, as I've discovered, there's even beach volleyball courts available right in the city, on the west side of New York on Hudson River riverfront... I'm definitely excited about the summer in the city, so seem many of the New Yorkers to be.

Here's a short journey into the week's outfits in and around the West Village of New York...

I wouldn't say I'm completely loving the outfit, but I kinda, on a very strange level of subconscience, find it very cool, very hip. The long wrap-up dress with a simple black tank-top and feminine sandals do not take it away from the dress, but rather emphasize the prints of it. The whole look is very East Village, but the gal happened to be in the West Village. She looks, for some reason, very French to me. Perhaps it's the short à la French cut and a cigarette?
I"m a big fan of a simple white shirt and I always take a note on how women manage to wear it. This is definitely a casual take on how to wear it, tied in the front. The whole look of the couple is pretty cool: one one hand - very casual, but on the other hand - stylish enough due to the right amount and kind of the accessories...
Here's a 'generation' of two kinds of the jeans: flared wide leg and skinny jeans, both are very in fashion right now. The  gal on the left has a very hippy look, but in a very stylish way...Are you a skinny jeans or a flared leg jeans kind of a girl?
Did I mention to you that it's all about the bright color jeans and pants this season? If you are not yet on top of it, get it while it's 'hot'! Reds, yellows, pinks, purple, green jeans and pants seem to dominate the New York City this season. Check Forever 21American Eagle Outfitters and Zara - they have a very good collection of bright-colored jeans and shorts for the summer. Bright-colored pants/jeans can transform any outfit from casual to a more dressy one.
I'm a big fan of a summer tank top with a twist. I really liked this top for its bright yellow (very summery) color and a bow-tie on the back - very feminine, very stylish and makes a whole casual look of flats and jeans more dressy.
I'm also a big fan of dresses. This look on a girl is very stylish, very feminine. Green color, usually, does not become everyone, but if you can pull it off, all the better. This girl combined it with an oversized bag-hobo and gladiator sandals, and complemented it with a sleek hair-do/ponytail. As a result, the overall look is both casual and stylish.
Should I mention that this girl was shot on the same day with the rest of the ones above? Meaning - it was about 85F degrees outside, which you wouldn't know by her look - the tall leather boots, a jacket and an oversized leather backpack looks very "Fall", but she made it look rather summery by wearing a summery printed dress. Overall, it worked. Summer does not mean putting away your boots, on some occasions the boots can work pretty well with a short summery dress - very 'village' look.
I have a feeling that simple leggings in solid colors will never go out of fashion. With an oversize top, neutral earthy sandals and a few bracelets in the same color-gamma, plus the retro (think - 80s) sunglasses make the look very hip, very West Village...

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