May 04, 2012

A Relationship Style Harmony

Have you noticed how couples start to dress similar over some time into a relationship? 

I must admit, I have a soft spot photographing couples. I find it fascinating how similar the couples start to look - the longer they date, the more alike they start to look.

Am I wrong or do you notice it too?

I've captured quite a few couples on the streets of New York in the past half a year that I've shared with you. I simply can't get enough of the 'couple's street fashion'...Moreover, having traveled around the world quite a bit, I've noticed that the couples tend to dress similar in other countries as well. For example, I've captured a few very adorable couples on the streets of Bologna, Italy last August - looking as similar as the twins would have...One might think it's rather uncool and/or not stylish to dress similar, but that all depends on one's personal style - if you don't have a sense of style and neither does your partner, obviously - dressing similarly badly is not an option... But if at least one of the people has a good sense of style, most likely, over time, the other person would become more stylish. I saw it happened in my own life.

For example, once Jennifer Aniston started to date Justin Theroux, the fashion industry began to notice how similar the style of the couple started to look. Personally, I find it very adorable. It's not necessary a fashion crime to dress similar or alike, if both people have a good sense of style, they'd look very, very sexy together. I'm sure I'm not the only one who've experienced such harmony in a relationship and/or while dating, am I?

Here's an experiment, next time you are going out with a significant other, take a note of both of your styles and let me know if you have that 'style harmony' in your relationship. I'm super curious...

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