May 07, 2012

Sometimes It's Easier Than It Looks

I, seriously, can't get enough of my new booties that I've got a month ago at Limelight Marketplace in Manhattan. 

At first, I thought they'd be one of those boots that are as "comfortable" as they look, meaning - not the most wearable boots. However, the few nights that I've already taken them out on a town, they've proved to be ones of the most comfortable boots that I have in my closet. I'm in love with them, and Manhattan seems to be too, based on the compliments I get every time I wear them. A great, great buy and...investment, hah!

Funny, how many people seem to be 'concerned' about how I balance myself off on those heels. Again, despite the many artsy heels that there are out there, these heels are very, very sturdy and comfortable!

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