May 23, 2012

A Style On A Run

It was one nice weather last week(end), when I managed to take my rollerblades for a long ride along the west side of the city, where the urban city meets the Hudson River paradise - the well-renovated riverfront that now bolsters a great array of the places for all kinds of the outdoor activities. 

And, yes, even, when I rollerblade, I rollerblade with a photo-camera - [aka my iPhone camera, as I use it for the music], because I find it quite amusing - in a very good way - to see what people wear, when they work out: run, bike, walk, skate... And some of them are not even there to work out, per say, but rather... to take a bit of a break from the public transportation and enjoy a ride to/from work on a bike.

Who says you can't bike on a job?

Here's a collage of some images that capture some of the diverse essence of the NY crowd, who seem to know how to utilize that running/biking path. I'm talking about those who came to exercise and those, who, just happen to use the path as a means for transportation from/to work...

What can I say, it can't get any 'cooler' than bright pink footless golfs and an up-high ponytail... Or is it to be safe and be visible to the others? I could definitely spot him from far...
Yoga and biking - can't think of a better work-out combination!
This 'couple' of colleagues definitely looked like they are going either to or from the office. Since it was Friday, they looked pretty summer business-casual. I find it very cool that New Yorkers more often than before opt for biking on the working days, not to mention - biking in dresses/skirts. 
The blue cues of this gal's jogging outfit definitely plays for the overall feel of the day and the surroundings. Simple, but nice.

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