June 14, 2012

Girls, Boys & Printed Pants

Yes? No? Indifferent?

I find it rather brave to wear printed pants. No matter how many times I've tried this look on myself: TopShop, H&M, Zara - you name it, it's just something is always missing.

Perhaps, what's missing, is 'me' or the fact that these printed pants are not suited for my kind of look? 

I thought I've almost found a perfect pair at ASOS.com - on the Britishhhh version of the fashion shopping site that requires an international shipping! - and I even braved myself [honestly!] to order these 'awesome looking print pants' for the summer, but when it arrived, despite the good luck of them, they didn't look good on me. Ah, another trip to the post office and I've given up on the idea of wearing the printed pants completely. Now, I only enjoy it from far and on other people.

The girl looks so cute in these pastel printed pants. All is matching perfectly: the 'earthy' beige sandals, the subtle yellow off-the-shoulder shirt and the printed pants...even the bag - love it, love it, love it! However, there is only one 'thing' that is not matching up to her look - it's her 'boyfriend'. 

What's up with some men these days? If you don't like to dress up when you are going somewhere solo, then at least try to work on your look a bit more when you are out and about with your stylish lady...Right?

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