June 14, 2012

In And About NYC: Wall Street Guy...

Long before I've even ever visited Wall Street, I've pictured it - [based on many 'corporate' American movies] - such as that the women and men are all dressed sharp in suits, walking up and down the Wall Street, trading our money, managing our funds, betting at the New York Exchange... 

I guess, Michael Douglas' character, Gordon Gekko, in Wall Street, really influenced my opinion of how corporate America should look. 
It's later when I've finally visited the downtown of New York and walked around the Wall Street - [in 1999, to be exact], to my disappointment I've noticed that not many Wall Streeters were actually dressed as sharp as I've pictured it in the past. Even despite the fact that these folks are more dressed up in formal clothes than the rest of city's 'office' people. But that, again, does not matter, it's not the place that makes one stylish or not. It does not matter, where you work, it's the personal sense of style that either makes your Wall Street look sharp and very 'Michael Douglas' like, or it just makes you look as another office worker...It's like everywhere else. 
That's why I get very excited every time I see someone on Wall Street looking as sharp and - [I must add] - pretty fashionable, as this young man. Absolutely everything he's wearing and holding speaks the "wall street language" to me... or at least the way I've always pictured it.

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