June 08, 2012

New York On Hudson: Weekend's Chilling

There's a certain serenity to the Hudson (west side) riverfront. It's a certain serenity that takes over all the six senses at once. At least, that's how I feel about it when I spend time either rollerblading, running, sunbathing and/or biking there. 

It's a misconception that, when people work out, they do not people-watch and/or notice anything around themselves. As a matter of fact, that's one of the advantages of doing activities outdoors - you work out, but at the same time you are enjoying the fresh air, beautiful serene views and you also see, what's going on with the others in the same space with you. 

Personally, I notice everything, even if I'm going fast on my blades with my ears plugged into the latest Paul Van Dyk and/or Swedish House Mafia - I see what people are wearing, whether they are working out or not, what their 'accessories' look like, what are the brands of their bikes and who they are with...

Let's just say, it's never dull to end up on a certain sunny weekend day at a place that has so much to offer to the New Yorkers - to those, who are happened not to leave the city and go to the country: from basketball, tennis and beach volleyball courts to tanning meadows, picnic areas and shady sit-down chair-table spaces with a few good views of the river. Not to mention the oasis for kids and pets and...some cozy green corners for the couples. 

But why am I still talking about it. Check it out for yourself... 

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