June 18, 2012

Every New York Woman's Magic Word: Sample Sales


Don't you just love New York and it's 60-70-80% sample sales? Even though it doesn't happen often, when it happens - it pours. All over the city: Chelsea, Fifth Ave, Union Square...

My God! How can a busy New York woman/man make it all happen within just a few days, taken that they all have the same day and time deadlines and the fact that most of us work for a living?
So the only time we can shop is - at lunch (yeah, right!?) and after work (yeah, if you are lucky enough to work the 9a-5p shift and your office is close to where the samples sales are happening). That's said, I've missed La Perla again! But I've managed to get myself two pairs of footwear - [just as the doctor prescribed to someone who has been obsolete of shopping budget for a while) - of David J. Pliner, who happened to be very happening for the Upper East Side and Hampton's crowd. They are big, big fans of him. Wonder if any of the Real Housewives of New York wear any of his. I hope not, actually...

 Either way. I'm now a happy owner of very cool leather color-block sneakers and very sexy black pumps that I've always postponed to buy because I thought of them as something that one can find at any store, only later to realize that it's not the case and that I desperately need a pair of classic black pumps for any formally stylish event. So, I'm happy, also because I didn't have to pay the original $225+250=$475 for them. 

And, just another big deal for anyone who lives in New York - would understand - is that there's no tax on sample sales! Say bye to 8% city sales tax! Au Revoir!

That's said, sadly, it looks like this last weekend was the last weekend of 'spring' sample sales in New York, but do not worry, they'll be back soon. As a matter of fact, they, strangely enough, come unexpectedly, unannounced, randomly...

But don't worry, they'll be back in no time! Here's a guide to how not to miss the sample sales.

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