June 19, 2012

So Simple, So Chick, So...Many Ways

The infinity dress by Donna Karan is back and it's ready to travel with you around the world.

Damn, only if I could have three weeks ago!

As an amid traveler myself, the packing process for a trip - [especially when it comes to an international rendezvous] - is always the hardest, longest, mind-exhausting and physically-infuriating night before the trip. Yes, I usually pack the last minute! But this is not the point, the point is not, when I pack, but how and what to pack.

Just take my most recent weekend getaway trip to Cape Cod last Memorial Weekend. It was a surprise trip, organized by my boyfriend and I was NOT told, where and via what means we are going. South? North? Plan? Train? Automobile? Anyone? ...

So, when I started to panic, I was finally given the information - [oh, I'd rather call it 'hints'] - of what to take with me: a bathing suit, an outfit to go out at night to dine and wine at nice restaurants, something fun and sexy, in case we go dancing, something warm for the night and something hot for the beach - heels, sneakers, espadrilles and... flip-flops? Well, do you think this information made my packing easier? On the contrary!  I ended up sitting in front of an over-packed suitcase and some...

However, only if I had that infinity dress, that would have solved at least the day-to-night transformation for me and would have left my suitcase - half empty and light, because, basically, I could have worn it all day every day and 'he' would think it's a different kind of dress, only in the same color...Well, maybe. At least, I would have tried.

Listen, aside from the fact that I love Donna Karan's timeless pieces that make a woman look and feel so sexy and, at the same time...cozy, Karan also tends to design pieces that are versatile - they can be worn as successfully on a resort as to a gallery opening, as on a stroll around the city. Or, they can be very well - and sexy - hanging on the side of a chair at your...boyfriend's apartment. Ha! 

Let's just say, I'm pretty excited about this dress! If you missed it on Gilt.com - and I did! - check here.

Daamn, it wraps in so many ways! Love it!

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Blue Dog Belle said...

LOVE this dress! So many options, wonderful!